Monthly Archives: August 2017

Cleaning and property maintenance creating opportunities

The issue surrounding low participation in the workforce for Indigenous people has resurfaced in recent years.  The report from the Australian Bureau of Statistics show an alarming trend with 58% of Indigenous Australians engaged in employment.  It appears that Indigenous Australians are still facing barriers in finding and maintaining employment.

Some of the barriers consist of the locations of available jobs, education and training prerequisites and employer discrimination.

Cleaning and property maintenance is quickly becoming a platform for Indigenous people to become the success for their future.  These services involve commercial cleaning, general house cleaning, waste management, pest control, graffiti removal and more. The demand for cleaning has created real opportunities for the Indigenous community, helping in business ownership, training and participation in employment.

Cleaning and property maintenance has long been a task that many would prefer to outsource and pay for.  It is certainly a business that people do not want to do. This industry is now transforming indigenous communities and helping to narrow the employment gap.